Design Process

Research, Test and Analyze

Listening & reviewing expert knowledge

At the beginning of each project, I work closely with project managers, strategists, and consultants in conjunction with client-side project owners to outline requirements, business goals and desired behaviors. I help conduct research sessions, stakeholder interviews and workshops in order to find out what the key objectives are. These insights shape and inform my design choices around user experience, interface and interactions. User Testing is conducted and insights shared to support or help improve design choices.

  • user persona workshop
  • user persons sample
  • user persona workshop 2

Create Visual Documentation

Concise and accurate documents help to understand user flows and actions needed to achieve business objectives

Once all the key parameters have been gathered and the information architecture has been outlined, I’ll begin the process of translating these concepts into usable features via personas, prototypes, and wireframes. I work towards maintaining a balance of business objectives and end-user desires thereby helping the project owner prioritize customizations and features for launch and beyond. These visual documents are then presented to stakeholders and engineers to ensure everyone involved understands what we’re building and why.

Design Engaging and Elegant Solutions

Combining the visually appealing with a well functioning experience

After several rounds of feedback I finalize the visual documents to get signed off on and begin creating high fidelity mocks. I collaborate with project managers, designers and technical consultants to ensure that the design solution fits within all the requirements and the mock ups are consistent, follow brand guidelines, typographical hierarchy, color schemes and icons styles.



Bringing the visuals to life

Once mocks have been approved, I’ll begin to code or work with a developer or two on building a responsive solution.

I’ve begun writing SASS-y css and I’m familiar with php and freemarker. I strive to keep up with all the changes happening in the world of front end development because being aware of current limitations while also learning more about developmental trends and breakthroughs help with creating designs that will work well, fail gracefully, and potentially push technical boundaries.